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    Tracking App for Trak-4

    GPS Trackers by CRD

    JUST UPDATED FOR 2022 (Trak-4 API 3.0.1+ Compatibility!)


    If you already own a Trak-4 device, this is the perfect app custom-designed to provide you the absolute best iOS tracking experience. Simply load the API key and monitor where all of your trackers are in real time.


    Incredibly simple, yet highly effective.

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  • Compatible GPS Trackers

    Currently, the app supports only the Trak-4 GPS Tracker.

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    Trak-4 Device

    Features a discrete compact design, incredible long battery life, and very simple setup.

    Cost-effective monthly plans.

    Link to purchase: https://amzn.to/2S6LXdo

  • Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

    Overview & Details

    Information we collect

    Accounts are created anonymously, without email addresses or passwords. We do not store any account information.

    Technical basics

    If you enable notifications, we must store a token to send them. We never use notifications for marketing.

    Our server software may also store basic technical information, such as your IP address, in temporary memory or logs.


    We store some of your data in Apple’s iCloud service, such as login tokens for your account(s), to enable some sync features between all devices signed into your Apple ID.

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